Simon Bowes

Simon is a philosopher who works in the Centre for Cognitive Science, Dept. of Informatics, University of Sussex, England.  He spends as much of his free time as possible as far as possible away from ‘it all’, immersed in natural ‘sensescapes’.  His interests are broadly located in the philosophy of mind, coupling philosophical theory with natural sciences, his doctoral thesis being a marriage of metaphysical and empirical work in cognitive science, creating a space where both approaches are mutually informative and constraining.  He is a believer in the necessity of interdisciplinarity in approaching questions about mind and its place in nature, and in his work as a teacher of cognitive science to students from multiple disciplines, aims to instil this collaborative, open-minded approach.

Given this academic background, an enduring interest in art, and a lifelong understanding of the importance of immersion in a natural sensorium, the Wavelength Project is a natural home.  It is a vital project in the modern world, something that could be hugely beneficial to many people, and where he hopes his interdisciplinary understanding and experiences of nature can make a valuable contribution.