Nature Effects is an Arts Council England supported multi-faceted art and science project conceived and developed by Mark Ware MFA (our CEO). Nature Effects is leading to a body of new multimedia digital art, directly influenced by the natural environment.
The artistic outcomes of Nature Effects, supported by scientific investigation and evaluation, will be designed to improve health and wellbeing and will include:
– A library of high resolution still photographs, comprised of natural scenes and subjects, for artists and researchers to use.
– Large-scale ‘nature wall’ designs using the Nature Effects nature photo library.
– Nature-influenced interior design colour schemes for interior spaces used by adults with neurological conditions, to help improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress.
– A multimedia installation with original music influenced by the sound frequencies and rhythms of rivers, streams and ocean waves, accompanied by an immersive soundscape and video projections.
– A book, featuring images of nature that have been shown to trigger positive responses in viewers. This will be made available to stroke survivors recovering in hospitals, to help improve mood and stimulate memory.
– The creation of sound and visual sequences, influenced by nature and designed to trigger specific audience responses.
– The staging of a series of online public engagement activities, including nature-influenced art workshops for people living in nature-deprived environments, including those with disabilities who find access to the natural environment difficult.

Please note: Inevitably, the development of the activities listed above have been affected by COVID-19. We will respect and comply with the requirements of social distancing, and plan to revise these activities accordingly as soon as possible. In addition, we are seeking to revise the activities in ways that will better serve the public’s needs during this challenging time. We will make an announcement about proposed changes as soon as possible.