As Team Leader for Exploration at the German Aerospace Center Space Administration (i.e. the German National Space Agency), all activities pertaining to human and robotic spaceflight in Low Earth Orbit, at the Moon or Mars are of his prime interest. Oliver represents German interests in this field as a delegate to the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as in other international fora. Additionally he manages some activities in the German National Space Programme.

With an educational background spanning human medicine, space studies and organisational psychology, Oliver started his working life with clinical work and medical research. Remembering his old dreams he moved into the space field and worked for close to 14 years for the European Space Agency as Human Exploration Science Coordinator, before changing into his current position in 2014.

His official interest in the Charity is twofold: On the one hand, a general interest in how science can be made more accessible to a broad public through projects combining art and science; on the other hand the potential future application of results from some of the foreseen activities in human spaceflight. First and foremost, however, he enjoys the inspiring discussions with Mark Ware and colleagues while supporting a worthwhile cause.