Dr Nikki Street

Nikki has been a lecturer and researcher in Psychology at Staffordshire University, England, since 2015, before which she held lecturing roles at University of Liverpool and Salford University. Nikki’s research interests are mainly within the realm of environmental psychology and impact of visual beauty, such as art or interior/exterior spaces. She is primarily interested in the way the physical spaces in which we spend time shape our wellbeing and behaviour, considering questions like, could the art on the walls change someone’s mood or behaviour? She believes it is important to consider physical spaces from a psychological point of view and explore the impact that these environments can have on the way we think and feel. Nikki received her PhD in 2015 which explored visual aesthetic relationships to fractals/natural patterns across cultures and sub-groups (for example rural and urban populations) and has an ongoing interest for psychology of Individual Differences. More widely Nikki has a passion for interdisciplinary working and has successful track record of working with collaborators from non-academic backgrounds to combine research and real-world impact. She is particularly interested in engaging public engagement with research and works to try and make psychological theory and analysis accessible to all.